The chemical distribution market demonstrates the underlying
growth characteristics driven by a dynamic and complex
product and business services environment.
Given the circumstances
there is need for development of sophisticated and cutting edge
value added services that continue to drive growth and reduce
complexity for customers and suppliers alike.
Chemie Link is an Industrial chemicals business with the necessary ambition, expertise and drive to help our customers succeed in competitive markets.

We are strategic partners and service providers for producers of industrial and specialty chemicals at the one end and chemical users at the other end of the value chain. Into chemical distribution since 1991, Chemie Link has been working closely with leading brands within the chemical industry in terms of purchasing chemical raw material, storing them in warehouses, repackaging them into smaller quantities, and selling them in less-than-truckload quantities to our customers, while efficiently managing the supply chain from the suppliers to the point of need.

We serve a range of industries, bringing our products to customers in markets from Oilfields, Refineries, Petrochemicals Plants, Pharmaceuticals, Dyes, Intermediates, Paints & Coatings and Commodity Chemical Industries.
Our team is focused on bringing innovative new products and technologies, applying their extensive experience and market understanding to customer’s local needs. Integrating our global footprint with local service capability enables us to supply quality products that meet and anticipate changing market dynamics. 

Our value-added services include just-in-time delivery, inventory management and business to business distribution solutions for the chemical industry.

Our Values

Our vision and mission therefore would be to embark on a journey based on the premises of the following Lean guiding principles of Supply Chain, namely:

People Involvement
The involvement and teamwork of a network of people is a pivotal consideration towards the progress of any business. We believe that by implementing two-way communication encourages open-mindedness; allowing for a battle of ideas to ensue, to propose innovations and make amendments for the sake of improvement.

Short Lead Time
The maintenance of short lead time helps in achieving a timely response to fluctuations in customer demand. Furthermore, it prevents stock pile up and wastage; improving the efficiency of the supply chain.

Continuous Improvement
In our humble attempt to significantly improve our customer centric services, our constant endeavor is to follow the core principle of CI which is, self reflection of processes and services based on feedback to ensure that whatever we offer would translate into incremental improvement.

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